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HTML-The Definitive Guide · 12 September 2005, 07:52 by Admin

This is an excellent beginners guide to HTML. It doesn’t touch much on cgi-bin programming (just enough to cover forms), but everything else is there.

The experienced web person isn’t going to learn anything here, though it is still a quick and concise reference when your brain just refuses to react to your need to know the syntactical elements of a

tag. Because my brain regularly shuts down, or decides to playfully hide information I need now, I find that this book still gets pulled off the shelf a few times a month.

For those designers who only use front end HTML editors, trust me that someday you will realize that the bloated and confused pages produced by such crutches can be source edited to be faster and easier to read and understand. When you reach that stage of enlightment, you are going to need to understand HTML. This book is your reference.

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