Web Standards

Standards compliance in the production of websites is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, accessibility to a wide audience is guaranteed. By carefully structuring and coding your website, we can ensure that people with visual disabilities can access the content on your site just as able-bodied people can. In practice, this means the code we use to write the pages of your website can be understood by screen-readers and modern web browsers alike, with no loss of context or message.

Accessibility also means making the content of your site accessible to people browsing the internet through devices like mobile phones and PDA's. Standards compliant production ensures that your website can be read and viewed by the largest audience possible.

Standards compliant production is also about using structural markup to describe your web page. This makes it easier for search engines like Goggle to index your page, and provide more accurate search results determined by the actual content on the page.

Standards compliance also removes the need to write clumsy, browser-specific code, which only shortens the life-span of the website and increases development time.

As web developers, we recognize our responsibility to develop using web standards and we ensure your website fits with the criteria set by the W3C.

* You can validate our code here:   XHTML 1.0 | CSS 2.0 | Section 508 | Lynx View.